Our Xerox Versant 180 color printing system allows us to offer printing of high quality and speed of  high capacity. In combination with  Xerox D95 monochrome production machine we offer you production of books in low circulations within short terms!

Digitalization surrounds us more and more and does not overlook the printing industry.  In the last 10 years digital printing has been developed very fast and has definitely taken its place in small and even medium circulations.

What are the advantages of digital printing?

  • Time. The main advantage of digital printing is speed! If you have a very short production deadline and your circulation is less than 1000 copies, then digital printing would be your best solution.
  • Lower price. Definitely more cost-effective, also when it comes to short circulations.
  • Personalization. This is where digital printing is a great advantage. You can offer your customers a completely personalized advertising product. Marketing campaigns at a completely different level with which the user feels unique and surrounded by attention.


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