Offset printing is the most common method of printing advertising materials. It originated with the invention of the printing press in the 15th century by Johann Gutenberg and quickly spread throughout Europe and later to America. If in the beginning the printing process was mainly related to book printing  nowadays we produce newspapers, magazines, leaflets, catalogues, corrugated and cardboard packaging, etc. Of course, printing is not only used in the field of advertising, - there are various methods used in art, some of which were created and unchanged since the 18th century, such as  lithography.

What is offset printing?

It is so named because of the indirect method of transferring the ink onto the paper. Before reaching the paper  the ink passes through several cylinders  which through rotation transfer  the image from the printing plates to the paper.

When to use offset printing and what are its advantages?

We are moving forward to our time when full color printing is standard, - we work with at least 4-color machines  with UV inks, CTP and all the conveniences of new technologies.

  • This is the most cost-effective method for printing large runs ;
  • The larger the print run is, the lower unit price you pay ;
  • A wide range of papers and cardboards can be used to which specific finishing means to be added ;
  • Highest print quality with precision in details and colors;
  • Print identity from start to finish;

Disadvantages of offset printing

With the advent and development of digital printing  the issue of offset or digital printing is always at the forefront. If until a few years ago offset printing was unattainable in terms of print quality and color matching, today more and more these issues are not of paramount importance. And here come all the pros and cons of both types of printing.

  • not recommended for small runs due to its high cost;
  • not suitable for projects that need personalization;

 To summarize: circulation is the main metric we take into account when focusing on offset or digital printing. If we want to print books over 500 copies or advertising brochures and folders  we will rely on offset printing.


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