Full color head, glued or with spiral.
Colors: black, orange, blue, green.
Work calendars with one-section body with dimensions 29.5 / 21.5 cm made of 70 g / m2 offset paper, printed in two colors, with ribbon, perforation for easy detachment of the past month and a window for marking the current date. The calendars have zones for the previous, current and next month. They contain information about the number of the week, phases of the moon and official and Christian holidays in Bulgaria. The pads for the one-section work calendars are made of 300 g / m2 one-sided chrome cardboard
Standard size 32/48 cm with head size 32/24 cm.
All single-section work calendars have a hole for hanging and creasing for folding.
With advertising space: 2.5 x 32 cm.